5 Tips To Put Creativity In Your Favor In Advertisements

Achieving that a product is placed in a privileged position in the mind of the consumer has great importance for the brand in question, since achieving this purpose influences the company’s income.

Achieving that a product is placed in a privileged position in the consumer’s mind is of great importance for the brand in question, since this purpose influences the company’s income.

There are various types of advertising such as institutional, local, foreign, focused on a social good or simply to promote a product.

One of the elements that has been used frequently in different media has been creativity, since it does not have the same results to make something known in a simple and minimalist way compared to a more elaborate spot that contains catchy phrases , striking images and suitable environments.

The success of a brand or its significance is related to how well a product is presented. To put creativity in your favor we give you 5 tips.

Interact with the outside

When your advertising is outside, the best thing to do is to interact with the people who walk on the street through actions that make them pass more than once. Another advantage that can be taken is that it offers the possibility of maximizing the reach of a brand due to the large number of people who travel the city.

Use colors

The colors cause the eyes of consumers to be directed to said ad, in addition to that, in general, they tend to be related to positive emotions. The advantage of using “vivid” colors makes an advertisement stand out from the rest due to the light they provide, coupled with the increasing number of people who see it.

Exaggerate events

Seeing an action in an exaggerated way makes the public appreciate it as funny and identify the action with the brand even if the product is not present.

Use relevant events

The most popular news focus the attention of viewers due to the data derived from it and the importance it has for society. Using a relevant event makes the publicity of the brand in question stay present for longer.

Solve a problem

Nothing better than focusing a brand on solving a social problem, since in addition to associating the brand with a good cause, it propagates that the purchase has a sense of charity, since it causes the consumer to feel comfortable with the product they have just purchased.