5 Tips To Put Creativity In Your Favor In Advertisements

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Achieving that a product is placed in a privileged position in the mind of the consumer has great importance for the brand in question, since achieving this purpose influences the company’s income.

Achieving that a product is placed in a privileged position in the consumer’s mind is of great importance for the brand in question, since this purpose influences the company’s income.

There are various types of advertising such as institutional, local, foreign, focused on a social good or simply to promote a product.

One of the elements that has been used frequently in different media has been creativity, since it does not have the same results to make something known in a simple and minimalist way compared to a more elaborate spot that contains catchy phrases , striking images and suitable environments.

The success of a brand or its significance is related to how well a product is presented. To put creativity in your favor we give you 5 tips.

Interact with the outside

When your advertising is outside, the best thing to do is to interact with the people who walk on the street through actions that make them pass more than once. Another advantage that can be taken is that it offers the possibility of maximizing the reach of a brand due to the large number of people who travel the city.

Use colors

The colors cause the eyes of consumers to be directed to said ad, in addition to that, in general, they tend to be related to positive emotions. The advantage of using “vivid” colors makes an advertisement stand out from the rest due to the light they provide, coupled with the increasing number of people who see it.

Exaggerate events

Seeing an action in an exaggerated way makes the public appreciate it as funny and identify the action with the brand even if the product is not present.

Use relevant events

The most popular news focus the attention of viewers due to the data derived from it and the importance it has for society. Using a relevant event makes the publicity of the brand in question stay present for longer.

Solve a problem

Nothing better than focusing a brand on solving a social problem, since in addition to associating the brand with a good cause, it propagates that the purchase has a sense of charity, since it causes the consumer to feel comfortable with the product they have just purchased.


Why you should play slot games online?

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Nowadays, online slots have become highly popular become people because it is quite easy and simple to learn and play slot machine games. Playing online will give you a different casino experience because you can easily play the slot game anytime whenever you have free time at victory 996

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, every gambler loves to play slot games because it allows you to win big without many efforts. There is no need to make strategies and you can easily learn to play the slot games without any hassle. Whether you are playing at home or you are visiting a casino, slot games always give you a wonderful experience and lots of fun. There are lots of people especially beginners prefer to play slot games on the online platform and here are some of the reasons for this:

Less hassle 

Lots of people these days have a tight working schedule and they cannot go to the local casinos. Visiting a land-based casino can take a lot of time, effort and money of the people and it can make it impossible for people to enjoy playing their favourite slot games. On the other hand, online casinos provide a comfortable platform for people to enjoy playing slot machine games anytime and from anywhere as they want. While playing online slot machine games, you can easily handle your account and able to enjoy your gameplay in the best effective manner. Apart from this, you can also play online slot games for free that makes you happy and satisfied. 

What are some of the most popular slots games in the UK?

Better odds 

A lot of people can enjoy playing slot games at an online casino at the same time without any kind of issues and problem. You do not have to wait or several hours for your turn because all you have to do is just access the casino site and then you can play the slot games as you want. Most of the online casino sites offer better odds at the slot games that can help to get more chances of winning. You can also enjoy a lot of bonuses and rewards that help to increase your amount of profit. 


Playing slot games at the online casinos is quite a cheaper option for you because you do not have to pay money to visit the online casino site. Visiting the online casino to play slot games can help to reduce the travelling cost and also give you the best gambling experience. 

More options 

At the online casinos, you can get more options while playing slot machine games. There is an unlimited number of slot machines are available at the online casinos because they do not need any physical space for installation. Apart from this, you can enjoy playing a wide variety of gambling games at the online casinos such as poker, roulette, blackjack and many others according to your needs and budget in an effective manner. So, there are lots of benefits you can get by playing the slot machine games at the online casino that give you higher satisfaction. 

Advertising Campaign

Tips To Create Your Advertising Campaign On Facebook

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A few weeks ago, Facebook launched a new update in which organic diffusion, which is not paid, has been considerably reduced , to give you an idea, on the Tiempodenegociosfunpage, with the same publications , the visualizations have been reduced between 60-70% depending on the week and the contents.

This leads us to two quick conclusions:

1- If you want the same diffusion among your fans, you will need much more effort and creativity .
2- If you continue to trust this social network, you will be almost forced to create your “Facebook ads” campaigns .

Effective Tips To Create Your Advertising Campaign On Facebook

If you have opted for the second option, that of advertising campaigns, it will be good for Mr.Zuckerberg after the disbursement of 19,000 million dollars by WhatsApp

I propose the following tips:

1- If it is your first campaign, here is a video, a small tutorial so that you can see that it is a fairly simple process:
2- Define your audience very well : one of the advantages of Facebook is that it allows some very interesting segmentation such as age, city or general interests of the user. It is in your hands to use it effectively to reach the audience that your brand or company needs.
3- Use Power Editor : this Facebook tool will allow you to create a large number of ads more easily, manage and edit them. Here is the guide so you can investigate a little more in this direction. Here you can also enter more advanced features and create “custom audiences” to further segment who you want to show your ads to. You have more information here.
4- Do an A / B test with the two main formats : in Facebook ads you have two ways (mainly) to make ads according to the objective you are pursuing. I recommend that you try both to see with which you get more engagement (degree of user loyalty). A test promoting your “funpage” to increase “likes” and another advertising a post with content related to your product or service.
5- Create a CTA button : Facebook has recently made available the functionality of incorporating a “call to action” button that can increase the click-through rate to your ad.
6- Remember the% of text-image that Facebook imposes : one of the advertising rules that they put to launch your ad is that the text within the image does not occupy more than 20%. Thus, as they comment, it is more visually attractive.